Artistic. Adaptable. Addictive.
Opium designs and manufactures innovative fixtures and the addictive systems for use in retail stores and visual display spaces. Our collection also extends to commercial interiors, signage, libraries and museums.   With a few basic elements, you can create unique, sytlish and functional solutions for all your storage, display, work and communication needs from within 1 sq ft of floor space.  
Opium is the culmination of more than 20 years' experience in the visual merchandising and modular systems industries.  Design and innovation is our passion and our Opium Pipe has secured international patent which assures you of an original product.
Our range of addictive systems is versatile and sets up easily which allows you to quickly respond to the constantly changing world of visual merchandising.
Contact us today to see how Opium’s addictive systems can work for you.